Presented by Empay: F&B Recovery in the UAE – Online Retail and Alternatives to High Commission Sales & Delivery Platforms
Meet Empay, the Dubai government backed one wallet, one solution online payment platform. Find out whether Empay is for you & if you can save money and commission charges.

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on Tuesday, 18th May 2021, 6 p.m. GST
In this webinar, we want to share our experience of working with various payment systems.

From our experience we know that working together is always win-win.


What is Empay? Find out what Empay does and how the platform supports restaurants in the UAE
The current state of online ordering. Key issues putting restaurants under pressure in the current aggregator-driven marketplace
The power of the Empay brand. Why & how Empay differs from other new payment platforms
Partnering with Empay. How restaurants can partner with Empay. Find out what’s on offer and see if it’s for you
Empay commercials. Let’s talk money & charges
How does Empay differ from aggregators? The key differences explained
Special offer for Tawreed and UAE Restaurant Community members. Together, we succeed
Questions & Answers
"Time to talk! You can discuss any business development questions & ideas with me"
Mr. Gigi George Koshy
"My name is Fahad Kidwai. I will tell you about the services that you can use thanks to the processing system."
Mr. Fahad Kidwai
Head of Merchant Acquisition F&B
"Hello everyone! I am Tanzeel Khan , I will tell you about the key advantages of the Empay."
Mr. Tanzeel Khan 
Team Lead Acquisition

What Tawreed Market is

We’re the UAE’s new online HORECA marketplace and help our members work more efficiently, save costs, and increase business.

We are an "Amazon for Restaurants" and help restaurants, hotels, and catering companies, order from multiple suppliers through one central dashboard in just a few clicks. Using our platform, restaurants spend less time purchasing and save up to 20% of their food costs.

Suppliers receive a new sales channel and reach thousands of restaurants without needing an army of sales reps.
200+ restaurants are already saving costs
Careful sales and support.
Expert development team
8 500+ product items to buy
150+ suppliers increase sales
25 employees
12% on total purchasing costs we saved our friends from Back to Grills.
750+ Dubai best prices product items
150+ Dubai companies in our customer list.
Local and global. Byers and sellers.
150+ Dubai companies in our customer list.
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