UAE company ownership laws - the latest news & updates
Setting up and owning a company in the UAE - what’s the latest re. Company ownership laws in the UAE?

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on 29th July 2021, 2 pm Dubai time
Company ownership laws in the UAE changed early in 2021, but what effects did the changes have and what options do foreigners have to set up and 100% own restaurants & HORECA companies in the UAE now?
We’ve teamed up with Flying Colour, the UAE’s top-rated business set-up company by Google reviews, to bring you the latest re. the impact of the recent UAE company law changes. The webinar will be geared towards restaurants, hotels, catering companies and other HORECA businesses and explain the different ways to set up, own, and run such entities in the UAE.

What we’ll cover

2021 changes
UAE company ownership laws changed early in 2021, but what’s the deal now with foreigners 100% owning restaurants and HORECA businesses in the UAE?
COVID impact
The impact of COVID on the industry in Dubai vs. the rest of the world - why Dubai offers a bright & secure future for your business
The latest trend: Food trucks - how can you own a food truck business?
How to
Practical advice on starting and owning a company in the UAE
Questions & Answers
Feel free to ask any questions
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on 29th July 2021, 2 pm Dubai time

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