How to make your restaurant attractive to investors or buyers
Tawreed Co and WeThrive Capital Investments are happy to invite you to the event.

Want to know how to raise capital for expansion or sell your restaurant in the Covid-19 post-pandemic environment?
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on Thursday, 10th June 2021, 3 pm GST
Hi all, I'm Paul Aver! Many years i've been working in the investment market helping investors and good companies find each other and I need to admit that the last year made a lot of noise.
A lot of things are changing right now and I want to share my experience with any business that needs to raise capital whether it decided to attract investments or to be sold — it should be a profitable deal anyway.
Paul Aver
Investment Director and Partner at WeThrive Capital Investments
Expand your profits or sell your losses. But do it wisely.
What we will talk about:
1. It's lit!
Learn what factors are important for investors. We discuss the most significant factors that are important for the successful consideration of your application by investors.
We draw up a checklist that will help you.
Be convincing
2. How to prepare an investment deck for your restaurant
In this section we will discuss how to present your business in the best way. What numbers you need to show and to what questions you need to have your answers ready.
3. Learn how to prepare a business plan.
Ok, so what is your business plan? 
Take a seat, I'm going to tell you about our main goals and metrics, about our scaling mechanisms and about business development in general  
4. How to structure and negotiate the deal
People who are successful negotiators, always have a well thought out strategy before entering into the negotiation; are well prepared; self confident and structure the negotiation, so that they remain in control of the negotiating process.

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on Thursday, 10th June 2021, 3 pm GST

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