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Tawreed.co — part of the global ecosystem aimed to become a gamechanger on HoReCa market. We digitalize and simplify processes to help F&B professionals to earn and achieve more
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It’s simple. First of all, .co is for the community. We’re not just another one marketplace where you can purchase some chicken or tomatoes. We build collaborative space for all HoReCa market participants on the values of cooperation, simplicity, transparency and real market energy.
Why .co?
When Nader and Leo first met on Zoom during the Covid-19 Lockdown, they both identified a considerable market gap within the F&B field. They decided to join forces and to launch Tawreed.co as the first of it’s kind marketplace for F&B professionals, where sellers and buyers close deals every day. Both Leo and Nader are now very familiar faces and names within the F&B community determined to make a tangible disruption into that field.
How the story began
Our Founders
Leo Komissarov
Successful restaurateur, global business executive, and tech visionary, who has been developing IT-solutions for restaurants for more than 15 years.
Ideologue and evangelist of restaurant’s digitalization & passionate about making restaurants work easier. Started from a waiter in a restaurant and grow to the owner of the international group of companies.

Founder of the 12 restaurants and 5 companies in Dubai, Singapore and CIS.
iiko Middle East and Open Service — the end-to-end restaurant automation in Dubai.
Street Service and DocsInBox — the CIS market-leader in automation and e-Commerce.
TeamCheck — a service that helps employees of different companies work remotely.

  • 1000+ students in own management school
  • Top-3 CIS YouTube channel about HoReCa automatization
  • 12 500+ successful automation cases
  • 250+ employees
Nader Bassit
Seasoned executive with many startups and launches under his belt. He is a passionate investor focused primarily on F&B, technology, real estate, and Haute Horlogerie.
Nader is a founding member & CEO of the One Billion AED Wakira Investments in UAE & KSA owning and operating several F&B love brands as well as being an active founder / partner in several start ups focused on F&B & Tech. Wakira is also the exclusive Territory Development Partner for Morpho Hotels in the Middle East.
Nader is also the Founder and Chairman of NAB Group, the exclusive Subway master franchisee for Egypt. He is a passionate investor & angel investor focused primarily on F&B, technology, real estate and Haute Horlogerie.

Nader is a seasoned executive with many start ups and launches under his belt. Joined Procter & Gamble right after graduation and for 9 years, launched many brands and businesses throughout the MEA region. Joined Danone Group and through his 8 years journey, launched it in Algeria, all of the GCC and the Levant countries growing the business to AED 2 Billion. CEOed the AED 1.5 Billion Savola Egypt and then led the Savola Global business development and M&A in growing Savola’s portfolio while serving on the Global lead team and on the board of several Savola companies.
The CIS market-leader in automation and e-Commerce, founded by passionate engineers, restaurateurs and suppliers, headed by Leo Komissarov, a successful restaurateur, global business executive, and tech visionary, who has been developing IT solutions for restaurants for more than 15 years.
We work with 10,000 restaurants in 3 countries and own & operate 6 restaurants. Our clients are among the TOP 30 global restaurant success stories, e.g. Papa John`s, Starbucks, KFC.
Wakira Investment Group
A hub of food experts passionately committed to converting food opportunities into rewarding investments. Founded in Dubai in 2016, Wakira combines the visions of its entrepreneurial shareholders, Alsaghyir brothers, and its founding CEO, Nader Bassit.
Wakira in Arabic means “a festive celebration after a big achievement” and the company aims to be the next F&B disruptor by acquiring and launching F&B brands. Wakira currently owns and operates concepts such as Kulcha King, Elgreco, Nom Nom Asia, Ghinwa, SDG Catering, Currylicious, and Quinoa Power.
The new fast grocery delivery in Dubai
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