Tawreed.co: Spend less time ordering goods & services for your HORECA business and more time looking after your guests and increasing your profits!
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Tawreed.co is a one-stop-shop HORECA supplier, which serves hundreds of restaurants, cafes, and catering companies in Dubai and the UAE. We process your order instantly, whether you order from one supplier or many different ones - you no longer have to wait for suppliers to reply to your requests. When you place an order with us, you'll receive a personal purchasing manager, with whom you will quickly find a common language, who’s available when you are, and who communicates with you the way you want, whether it’s by phone, email, What’s App, or any other platform.
We bring everything you order together at your preferred time and in one delivery - you no longer need to waste time communicating with different suppliers or receiving multiple deliveries.
We exist to help HORECA businesses in the UAE to spend less time ordering and more time looking after their guests and increasing their profits.
We’re part of the global HORECA ecosystem and aim to disrupt F&B purchasing. We want to digitize and simplify purchasing processes to allow F&B professionals to earn and achieve more.
- We work quickly and responsibly. Our website contains over 2,500 of the most popular items at great prices at great prices. No price fluctuations - we issue invoices exactly with the prices shown on the website.
- The quality of all products is monitored by a quality manager not only in the warehouse, but also immediately before delivering your order. We deliver exactly what you ordered. If something changes, we will inform you in advance. You will get a photo of your package before it leaves our warehouse. It will be delivered only after your confirmation.
- If you need a set of groceries in the morning or in the evening, but you're short on storage space to keep supplies, we will bring you your items at the right time.
- No MOQ: There is no minimum order quantity. If you need a kilo of chicken and a bag of potatoes -
no problem, we will bring it.
- No MOA: It doesn't matter how much money you spend on an order. We'll bring everything.
Flexible payment methods incl. installments.
Tawreed.co - online one-stop-shop for restaurants.
We provide F&B professionals with any goods they need. We have great prices and deliver all the orders in one van on the following day
Positioning description
Nader Bassit - Seasoned executive with many startups and launches under his belt. Investor focused primarily on F&B, technology, real estate, and Haute Horlogerie
Leo Dovbenko - Successful restaurateur, global business executive, and tech visionary, who has been developing IT-solutions for restaurants for more than 15 years
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